The French Caribbean Archipelago Offers Incentives of Up to $1000 On Completion of the Multi-Media Training

Written by Yndiana Montes

131014-guadeloupe-01Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board has unveiled a fully integrated multi-media Destination Guadeloupe Islands Specialist training program targeted at North American travel advisors. The informative and visually engaging program, designed to educate travel trade professionals to become certified Guadeloupe Islands travel experts, was developed in partnership with Recommend Magazine, an industry leader in delivering compelling and insightful destination education experiences.

The specialist training initiative invites travel advisors to discover the five sun-kissed islands of the Guadeloupe Archipelago, the diverse cultural tapestry and the differentiating attributes that set the Guadeloupe Islands apart from other warm weather destinations. To enroll in the program, travel advisors must register at where they will access the digital version of the educational materials and complete a 20-question examination to become certified Guadeloupe Islands Specialist.

Once they have successfully completed the training, travel advisors are encouraged to register for the Guadeloupe Islands incentive program that uses Recommend’s Agent Transaction Monitor (ATM) to record their bookings. Travel advisors with at least one ATM booking will qualify for quarterly and year-end rewards as well as FAM trip opportunities. Each quarter, the top selling Guadeloupe Island Specialist will receive $500 while all booking advisors will be eligible for random awards of $200 and $300. At year’s end, the premier selling Guadeloupe Islands specialist will receive $1,000.

“With the opening of our USA office in 2012 and the launch of American Airlines weekly nonstop flight from Miami, we have seen a steady increase in visitor arrivals. As we expand in the market, we have recognized travel professionals as valuable ambassadors and created the Guadeloupe Islands Specialist Program to provide detailed information and tools we believe they need to maximize their clients’ experience of Guadeloupe Islands,” said Sandra VENITE, Regional Manager for USA and South America, The Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board. “Additionally, it is important to us to express appreciation to our travel trade partners for recommending Guadeloupe Islands, which is why we ensured multiple rewards and benefits were incorporated in the program.”

The Guadeloupe Islands Specialist program commenced October 2013 and will be continuously updated with vital information including new experiences and product offerings. Certified Guadeloupe Islands Specialists will be listed on the destination’s tourist board website and Guadeloupe Islands Specialist finder. For more information, please visit:

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