Jamaica Tourist Board encourages visitors to ‘Meet the People’ and experience the Jamaican way of life

Written by Yndiana Montes

To offer visitors a chance to explore beyond the resort and experience the Jamaican way of life, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) created the Meet the People program, available at no cost to individuals and families. Whether visitors are seeking to learn how to dance to the infectious sounds of reggae, prepare an authentic Jamaican dish, meet with a famous Jamaican artist to learn the styles of the local art scene, or visit a community of Rastafarians to discover what led to the rise of this religious form, the JTB will pair travelers with a Jamaican who shares a common interest, hobby or profession.

“Through authentic Meet the People experiences travelers will bond with Jamaicans of similar interests, who will provide hands on exposure to the Jamaican culture” said John Lynch, Director of Tourism at the Jamaica Tourist Board. “The value added experience is very accessible, as travelers can seamlessly incorporate it into their vacation. It’s easy and best of all, free for visitors.”

Over 500 Meet the People ambassadors have volunteered a hand of friendship and hospitality to visitors who want to immerse themselves in the Jamaican way of life. Visitors can be paired with families or a fellow musician, doctor, chef, dancer, farmer, teacher, beautician, photographer, nurse, spelunker, or artist. The meet-up can take place at a school, home, church, hiking trail, local craft market or even at a coffee shop. All activities will be arranged by the JTB. The experience is uniquely Jamaican and available to all travelers interested in broadening their horizons. Visitors can sign up online at


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