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“Goose with the Golden Eggs” Shown at DC Environmental Film Festival, Stanford University, and Costa Rica


This March CREST launched its new documentary film, The Goose with the Golden Eggs to much acclaim. Provocative and informative, this film examines the impacts of different models of coastal tourism in Costa Rica, from small-scale eco-lodges and a sustainable mid-sized resort to large-scale resorts, vacation homes, and cruise ships. Featuring interviews with Margarita Penon, Costa Rica’s former First Lady and member of Congress (and a CREST Board of Director), the film premiered at the World Bank in October 2013. It was accepted to be part of Washington’s prestigious DC Environmental Film Festival and was shown to a packed house in March. The film is also being premiered at Stanford University on May 2, at a Center for Latin American Studies forum. The two filmmakers, Charlene Music and Peter Jordan, will join CREST’s Co-Directors in presenting the film.

In Costa Rica, the film is being shown to key policy makers in the new government which takes office in May. It is also being used by Fundacion Corcovado as an educational tool with Costa Rican communities affected by tourism-related development. Over the next few months, Margarita Penon will help lead further efforts to use the film stimulate public discussion about the future direction for tourism in Costa Rica. A short preview of the film is available on the CREST website, where the 34 minute documentary can be downloaded for a small fee or ordered in DVD format. Available in English and Spanish versions.

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Yndiana Montes

For over 25 años, Yndiana Montes has traveled around the Caribbean to promote the tourist attractions of this beautiful region of our continent. She currently lives in Wilmington, NC (USA), from where she runs Solocaribe Inc.