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Delta executive Christine Kennedy to speak at state of the industry conference in Martinique


Caribbean destinations seeking to attract additional air service will discover the secrets to success from a senior executive of one of the world’s leading carriers at the region’s leading tourism gathering in Martinique in October.

Christine Kennedy, Delta Airlines’ general manager for international network planning and scheduling for the Caribbean and Latin America, will explain the route planning process and what influences the airline’s decisions when it considers flying into new destinations, when she addresses delegates on the opening day of the State of the Industry Conference.

Ms. Kennedy will join a panel entitled, “Fasten your Seatbelts!” at which airline experts will bring stimulating and insightful thoughts on volatile and sometimes controversial aviation issues.

“As a representative of Delta’s Latin American and Caribbean network planning team, I look forward to participating on the panel in October and providing insight regarding the route planning process,” said Ms. Kennedy. “My presentation will discuss what factors drive Delta’s decisions to implement new service and what a destination can do to positively influence that outcome.”

Delta operates an extensive US and international network, serving all continents except Antarctica. The airline and its subsidiaries operate over 5,000 flights every day and transport over 160 million passengers a year.

The State of the Industry conference which brings together decision-makers from the public and private sectors, academics, government officials, hoteliers, travel professionals and journalists from the region and around the world, will be held from 15-18 October in Martinique.

Themed, “Perfecting the Experience. Delivering Authenticity,” the conference is organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in collaboration with the Martinique Tourism Authority. For more information on how you can register and learn more about the conference, visit

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