Chris Montero

Cristóbal Montero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 12, 1985. His father was a Cuban-American industrialist who went to prove his luck with the oil bonanza of that country, and his mother is a journalist, TV and radio personality as well as Marketing and Communications specialist.

Chris lived in Venezuela until the age of 16, but often traveled to the Caribbean and Miami, where his father’s family lives. He attended the School San Ignacio de Loyola in the city of Caracas. Then he moved to Miami to live with his Cuban-American family, being his “abito” grandfather Armando Montero, a roll model to follow.

Cristobal got used to accompanying his mother to radio shows like “Solo Caribe” (Only Caribbean) and “Sonido Latino” (Latin Sounds), that were on FM stations in Caracas. Very soon Chris became familiar with the microphone and even began to give entrances on the programs, with slogans like: “Sonido Latino…la mejor música!!” or “Al Estilo Caribe…tan alegre como tú!”(“Latin Sound… The best music! ”, or “To the Caribbean Style… as happy as you”). Cristobal was only four years old, and this was the only way to maintain him concentrated, quiet and prank free in the studio.

One summer, while attending High School in Miami, he made a fast crash course of radio and television in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, just before beginning to study Film and Television Production in North Carolina. For about two months he studied in E.T.E.R, La Escuela Terciaria de Estudios Radiofónicos (Tertiary School of Radio Studies), where he not only learned to modulate his voice, make scripts, and the initial technical part of radio and television, but also made very valuable friendships with the greatest Radio Legends of Argentina that he still cultivates today.
An avid traveler, he began to shoot video in the islands of the Caribbean, also participating in numerous conferences dedicated to the sustainable tourism in the region. St. Kitts, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are only some of the tourist destinations in which Chris has worked with his mother Yndiana Montes.

Chris enrolled to study Film and Television Production at Cape Fear Community College of Wilmington, NC. His formal radio career began in Wilmington in 2007 on the local radio station The Wave, with Jeff Sanchez as co-host of the well-known show “Radio Amigos” (Radio Friendly) over a period of 9 months they could be heard once a week on the area’s only bilingual program. They quickly began to have good feed back from their audience. Soon, Chris Montero became a radio personality, now in La Gran D 98.7 FM, where skillfully combined On Air Live Broadcasts, Sales and Production every day of the week for more than two years. In addition, Chris worked with the Circle of Courage Foundation, using his free hours helping children of high risk families, demonstrating his concern for the Hispanic community and its social sensitivity. Chris Montero earned a Bachelors in Communication Studies with concentration in broadcating and advertizing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is currently working on his Masters in Business Admistration (MBA).

At the same time, Chris founded a company in North Carolina with Yndiana and his brother Raul Francisco Sojo Montes, SoloCaribe Inc., ( 
When younger, Chris participated in several programs of television in Latin America, and here he shows two of his English Demos Filmed in High Definition Quality in the Islands of the Bahamas:

Chris Bone fishing:

Coast To Coast Bahamas:

Charismatic, affectionate and gifted, Chris Montero is today a roll model for the Hispanic young people: kind, generous but strong, his abilities took him to a new position at UNCW, the University of Wilmington, North Carolina. He is now the Hispanic Liaison at Centro Latino and MI CASA’s Program Coordinator. His mission is to incentivize the Latinos to study at the University level.
Currently, he is studying Communications (grandfather Cirilo Montes Zuniga was a journalist, as his mother and oldest brother Raul).

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