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Cayman Islands, ayurdeva and yoga

Written by Yndiana Montes

I consider myself a holistic travel writer, packing my yoga mat, essential  oils and organic emergency food for trips. I graduated from Laguna Blanca School, California in 1975 and went to Santa Barbara City College for a short period of time, but these 16 months were enough to learn about healthy food and yoga.

131106-yoga-05When I went back to Caracas I was a different person and decided to continue the California trend. I introduced the granola and the whole wheat bread making among my social circle, and even started producing and selling it in a small scale, thinking on developing a brand in the near future.

My father was a journalist and I inherited a very prestigious radio show called “Radioperiodico Orientacion”. At the same time I started studying Communications in the Central University in Caracas, specializing in printed and broadcasting media, and developing a segment called Healthy Life with Yndiana, “Vida Sana con Yndiana”.

STC 2007, yoga and ayurveda
…It was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2004, when after attending a presentation on Ayurveda, I decided to go to an Ayurvedic doctor; “First I attend a seminar with Deepak Chopra and then even that I was not sick or anything, after talking to him I considered it was about time to go the doctor to check a little constipation that I was experiencing. I could not believe when, after checking my dosha (I am a Pita-Vata), Dr. Colombo told me I was eating good food but not mixing it correctly, neither having the routine I needed. My understanding of the natural life style I needed to have changed completely for my good sake”, she said on a TV show in Bogota, Colombia.


Dr. Prerak Shah and Yndiana Montes.

A couple of years after, I had the opportunity of doing an Ayurveda Seminar with Dr. Prerak Shah of the Holistic Medical Center of India, in Caracas. Few months after, a new door was open for me. I went on a training to Ahmedabad, a province of Gujarat, at the Holistic Medical Center of Dr. Shah, where learned more in depth the importance of the Ayurveda and essential oils. I was lucky enough to attend a very important tourism event in Gujarat, again as a speaker.

Back to the Caribbean region it was my big opportunity. I was invited to participate as a speaker at the Sustainable Tourism Conference, STC, organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization, CTO. Yoga was going to be taught, and I was going to go holistic 100% in the Cayman Islands!!!

Yndiana Montes, guest speaker at the Tourism Conclave in Gujarat, India.

Yndiana Montes, guest speaker at the Tourism Conclave in Gujarat, India.

Not only as a part of the media this time, but as a facilitator of the workshop of Ayurveda, I attended this unforgettable the conference, being able to disseminate the information and deliver the workshop.

I feel blessed for all the opportunities I have had in the Caribbean, but this one just blew my mind. Doing yoga every morning at the beach, and being able to conduct an Ayurvedic workshop was more than I ever could imagine…

The Tourism Conclave organizers and Yndiana.

The Tourism Conclave organizers and Yndiana.


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Yndiana Montes

For over 25 años, Yndiana Montes has traveled around the Caribbean to promote the tourist attractions of this beautiful region of our continent. She currently lives in Wilmington, NC (USA), from where she runs Solocaribe Inc.