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Bocawina Adventure Resort


The Caribbean have always been one of the most talked about places not just for the beautiful azure waters and white sandy beaches, but also for tropical adventures, either on white water rapids, slow winding rivers, the mysterious allure of the ancient caves, cascading waterfalls, idyllic horseback riding in serene and picturesque meadows and mountain trails.

For the adventurous traveller, all this is a dream to do and an amazing realistic comfort when one realizes that all this can be done from one location and all in close proximity to each other.

This package of adventures would not be complete, if we did not have the high adrenaline rush of flying through the air on one of the highest and longest Zip-Line Canopy Tours in Central America.

Factor in Belize, a small Central American and Caribbean nation, East of Guatemala and South of Mexico. If the adage of good things comes in small packages, then Belize must have been the example for such a package. Now picture your stay in a quaint and typical Mayan thatched cabana, with comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, fan, fresh flowers in room daily, and the chance to be hosted by Belize’s truly first Green Eco Friendly Resort.

Now a lot of Resorts are going green, eco-friendly, well they have a tough act to follow, because Mamanoots, one of the first resorts to do so, is totally off the grid. They survive on solar and hydro generated power for all their needs. This eco-friendly resort is home to Bocawina Adventures & Eco Tours Ltd ( This ACCT certified rigging is one of the longest and highest canopy tours in the country and Central America! Coupled with the certification and a master guide, Cesar Godinez, this is the only place in Belize where you get a combination all day tour that includes the following:

A vigorous hike, rappelling down a cascading waterfall with a chance to swim in a natural pool before Zip Lining across gorges and other waterfalls before descending a few metres from the main restaurant on the premises.

130813-bocawina-02On this tour, even the most enthusiastic birder would love having multiple encounters with the Keel Billed Toucan, as these are one of the two hundred (200) specie that inhabits the lush vegetation that is the Bocawina National Park. The tours offers one the full experience of what the majestic Mayan Mountains offer, to not just the avid day adventure enthusiast, but also the more daring, as the canopy tour is offered as a night option, and is inexplicable when done on a moonlit night.

This unique full day activity can be done more efficiently from MamaNoots Resort itself, to experience the jungle at night, as accommodations are very appealing and very inviting.

Since this resort is just a forty (40) minute drive from Placencia, these activities can be easily done from the resorts in this area and also from Hopkins, as this is the only canopy tour offered in proximity to these beautiful beaches.

On my way in to the National Park, on both inbound trips we saw once a Vermilingua, otherwise known as an AntEater, and on the other time a Coati Mundi, commonly known as a “Squash”. These are some of the abundance of the wildlife in this area. Other activities takes one into more mountainous terrain, where the possibility of seeing a secretive Jaguar is ever so pending!!

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For over 25 años, Yndiana Montes has traveled around the Caribbean to promote the tourist attractions of this beautiful region of our continent. She currently lives in Wilmington, NC (USA), from where she runs Solocaribe Inc.