Bill Milligan

130708-bill-02Bill Milligan M.D. entered into private practice, in Cherry Hill, N.J., where he spent twenty-five years in solo practice. Always interested in alternative medicine and proper diet, along with a holistic outlook, he entered into Qi Gong training in Philadelphia. After many years of training, he found Eden Energy Medicine becoming one of a few Medical Doctors who certified in Energy Medicine.

Bill now splits his time between Wilmington, North Carolina, Mexico, Latin America and The Caribbean. He now shares his life with Yndiana Montes, a noted journalist and videographer from Caracas, Venezuela. They collaborate on travel writing, ecotourism and sustainable living. Their website, has much more of the Mexican Caribbean, as Bill has a deep love its culture, cuisine, geographic, history and its people.

While in Wilmington, he and Yndie live a quiet life, playing African drums and taking pictures, surrounded by her son and daughter-in-law, and their phenomenal dog, Rocky. Photography is his new passion and he’s thinking to take more courses in the Autum.


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