Award-winning author releases new e-book Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler


For readers and travelers who have frequently visited Jamaica and those who have never been to the island, this new e-book, Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler from award-winning author Kay Showker, introduces a whole new perspective on what is beyond the lovely beaches of Jamaica and offers a myriad of interesting and colorful attractions for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Richly illustrated with 55 vibrant photographs — most by the author, Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler is the first of Showker’s upcoming e-book series entitled The Caribbean – Naturally: Island Guides for Active Travelers, and the first e-book series of its kind for the Caribbean. The e-guide series is designed for active, modern-day travelers, who want to do more on their vacation than just lounge on a beach. It’s for those who are inquisitive and want to explore new surroundings and find what’s in every nook and cranny. “Jamaica offers endless opportunities to break away from life’s daily routine,” says Showker.

“I commend Kay Showker… Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler represents a substantial work based on her years of traveling to the destination. With the growing demand for adventure that goes beyond the usual sun, sand and sea experience, this book provides a comprehensive guide for the active traveler,” says John Lynch, Director of Tourism for the Jamaica Tourist Board.

“Longtime Caribbean expert, Kay Showker, brings a love of Jamaica to this guidebook matched only by her deep knowledge of its gorgeous natural attractions. From birding, camping and caving to hiking, rafting, and ziplining, her passion for the island’s many natural gifts shines through each page and photograph,” says Veronica Gould Stoddart, Editor in Chief, Travel Media Group, USA TODAY. “What a gift she has given to Jamaica and outdoor lovers everywhere.”

Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler is divided in two parts. Part One describes more than 50 of Jamaica’s natural attractions — beginning in Kingston, the island’s capital and gateway to the Blue Mountains, the crown jewel of natural Jamaica. The coverage continues around the island, highlighting must-see attractions from the mountains to the sea and serves as a companion for the traveler’s to have every step of the way.

Part Two offers 24 different sports and other outdoor quests from beaches, biking, birding to diving, windsurfing and ziplining among other activities. In addition, all sections provide details on the companies, organizations, associations, tour operators, and other entities that specialize in these activities and provide the related services.

A map of Jamaica with the main cities, towns, roads and parishes is included to help enthusiasts locate their prospective destinations. What’s even more useful are the links provided throughout the regional descriptions that point to the exact sport or activity for which a location is known. For example, the description of the Blue Mountains has a link to Hiking where details about trails can be found, along with resources and tour companies that specialize in hiking in the region; Morant Point, a popular surfing location at the southeastern tip of Jamaica, has a link to Surfing and so on. The book concludes with lists of useful resources, Jamaica’s endemic and sub-endemic birds, some websites on Jamaica, and the author’s biography.

“Celebrated author Kay Showker who discovers, uncovers and details Jamaica’s hidden gems from the north coast to the south, from plantations to parks and mangroves,” says Gay Nagle Myers, Senior Editor/Caribbean Editor of Travel Weekly. “This e-book will serve as the active traveler’s compass that they can download and tuck in a backpack for explorations far from the resorts and rum punch recipes found in traditional travel guidebooks. Yeh, mon.”

Jamaica – Naturally, A Guide for Today’s Active Traveler is available for purchase as an e-book at: Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, BookPie and eSentral.

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