Atlantis Submarines welcomes the relaunch of the Barbados Island Inclusive Package

130812-atlantis-01Now three months into the travel window of the summer’s best value added package program ‘the Barbados Island Inclusive’, the Barbados Tourism Authority has relaunched the program with an August booking window. General Manager of Atlantis Submarines, Roseanne Myers, commented on the announcement “We are very pleased that the window for booking this fantastic offer has been reopened as it provides additional opportunity for us to attract guests to Barbados in the summer and fall of 2013. So far the execution on the ground here in Barbados has been excellent and we have hosted several guests who seem delighted at their good fortune to access “free spending money” to offset the cost of their trip. For example, a family of four is entitled to two booklets per room or a total of $800 Barbados which can go a long way to experiencing all aspects of the island.”

Atlantis Submarines is one of more than 100 businesses who are already benefitting from participating in the BII promotion. “No doubt the BII has helped our sales this summer and we have supported it 100 % as we strongly believe with aggressive marketing to the consumer especially via social media it can drive additional business to the island. We note that a large number of the guests that we have hosted on this package were from The Club, Couples, Bougainvillea, Mango Bay, the four Elegant Hotel properties, Oceans 2, Rostrevor, the Hilton Barbados and Coconut Court. Obviously a wide cross section of properties have really taken advantage of the opportunity to offer their guests added value. For the Cropover period we arre hosting Caribbean persons on the package as well.”

The programme has now been relaunched with a booking window of August 7th – September 21st,, travel must be completed by Dec 21st 2013 and for queries and full details visit Mrs. Myers went on to say “ With the August 10th concert by world renowned artist Fantasia and the start of advertising for the November 1st concert by Barbadian entertainment icon Rihanna, the Barbados Island Inclusive package is the ideal marketing tool to seal the deal on making Barbados the destination of first choice for many this year. Indeed the calendar for the remainder of the year is filled with entertainment and sporting activities”.

August is still a major travel period especially for families so guests can enjoy the savings if they make a late summer travel decision or decide to join us in the fall. Guests can book accommodation directly with the participating hotels or directly with Atlantis Submarines on their booking engine or through the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s booking engine Book Barbados Now.

Guests have been requesting seats on Atlantis Submarines directly before arrival by email or on the booking engine as planned. Bookings for all participants and enquires can also be made before arrival through a tour operator, wholesaler, travel agent or on Book Barbados Now.

130812-atlantis-02Atlantis Submarines operates two 48 passenger submarines that provide the opportunity to see the underwater world in safety and comfort and to enjoy the reef and other marine life, during the day and at night, which many non divers do not get to see. This adventure is one of the most unique and highly recommended attractions in Barbados. For more information please visit our website or email us at and like our page

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Yndiana Montes

For over 25 años, Yndiana Montes has traveled around the Caribbean to promote the tourist attractions of this beautiful region of our continent. She currently lives in Wilmington, NC (USA), from where she runs Solocaribe Inc.