Adriana Grooscors

Currently based in Costa Rica, Adriana is one of our partners. She has been in Public Relations for more than 20 years, and has designed and executed communications strategies for companies in the areas of business, consumer goods, tourism, health care, technology, and real estate, managing several projects of regional scope in Latin America.

Adriana graduated in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela), with a major in journalism, and completed specialized studies in the areas of virtual marketing and e-mail marketing. Throughout her career she has served as Media Relations Coordinator at Porter Novelli Venezuela, where she also directed the community outreach program “Kids Think Link.” She has worked in the editorial and production departments at Radio Caracas Radio and taught the course “Communications and Media” at the Institute for Religious Studies (ITER) in Caracas, Venezuela. Clients served include: Half Moon, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, Jamaica Tourist Board, Epicor (regional coordination), The Siemon Company (regional coordination), Yanbal International (regional coordination), CAVEDATOS, Novell (regional coordination), PeopleSoft (regional coordination), VR Business Brokers, among others.

AG Comunicaciones, her own PR firm, established in 2002, provided for over 15 years personalized, results-oriented Corporate Communications services, with vast experience in consumer, health, real estate, tourism, IT and telecommunications Fields, with the mission of helping companies manage their relationship with its various audiences through communication, to support the achievement of their goals. Adriana has experience in designing and executing customized plans, which can range from specific actions, to integral long-term communication strategies, offering a wide range of services, from media relations to publicity, relationships with key audiences, internal communications, content development, corporate social responsiveness, media training, and social marketing.

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